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James P McMahon, ecologist, activist, shaman, lover

James P McMahon


I sell water purification systems and air purifiers to people around the country for their homes and businesses...

My service is unique in that I first identify the contaminants in your water either by reviewing your city's water report or by selling you a well water test if your water source is a private well.  In that way we can be certain that you are purchasing the correct water purification system for your situation.

James P McMahon

My name is Jim McMahon, a professional ecologist of some accomplishment. What is an ecologist, you might ask.  Well, it's a person who has studied the natural function of our planet's life support systems; her rivers and forests, the ecosystems that support all living things.  I launched my company, Sweetwater LLC, in September 2002 after an extensive search for a business that I could operate from home.  I live in Durango Colorado where I look out on a forest of ponderosa pines while speaking with you on the phone. I was tired of the constant strife of the activist role and sought a way to continue to help people but with a greater focus on individuals. I chose water because I'd studied rivers in college and professionally and could build on my knowledge and experience.  I provide home water purification systems and consulting services to people seeking a healthy lifestyle, or just trying to solve a water problem.

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Thirty plus years experience with a history of demonstrated accomplishments in community conservation, watershed planning, river and wetlands restoration, endangered species protection, property and project management, business development, marketing, and creative problem solving. An acknowledged innovator in the development of environmental solutions.


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