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Whole House Reverse Osmosis

Whole House RO - complex, expensive, and rarely recommended

Sometimes your water is so bad or has such a unique combination of contaminants that whole house reverse osmosis is only way to resolve the issues. I provide this photo for you in order to give you the perspective that might be missing in a brief discussion of the topic. Whole house reverse osmosis need not be difficult to operate but it is much more complex to rely on than a whole house water filter such as my Urban Defender. There will also be more maintenance. You may request specifications from me by emailing.


whole house reverse osmosis

This photo illustrates a system used on city water in Southern California

Why use whole house reverse osmosis?

Sometimes whole house reverse osmosis is the only option. Extremely high total dissolved solids (tds) can be among the most common reasons to employ whole house reverse osmosis. Other issues may include high sodium (a component of tds) and a mix of other contaminants like fluoride, radioactive metals, or nitrates.

On the flip side a family can install whole house reverse osmosis to protect themselves from the wide array of contaminants in city water. The complex and effective system shown in the photo above costs $20,500 plus shipping.


whole house reverse osmosis system

This photo illustrates a rather simple and the least expensive version of whole house reverse osmosis

Often times substantial pre-treatment is necessary to prepare the water before it reaches the actual reverse osmosis system. In the case of this photo there is no pretreatment. The reverse osmosis system is on the left. Note the permeate pump just above the canister holding two ro membranes on the right.  There is a sediment filter in front of the membrane.  The water then travels to the right where the almond colored tank is an acid neutralizer to raise water pH.  Next is water storage tank based on an estimate of peak daily water usage.  Note the pump on the right. This pump delivers pressurized water to the home. This system cost the homeowner about $12,000.

High iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic or hardness will require additional pre-treatment for removal prior to the water entering the whole house reverse osmosis system.

All whole house reverse osmosis systems are custom configured with the components determined by your water and your household needs.

You may email me to learn more about how I design these systems.


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