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   Do You Have Arsenic In Your Water?

I can provide you with the highest quality arsenic water filters


Arsenic in drinking water is a health hazard
at a fraction of the levels suggested by EPA. 

Increasingly, studies are showing that arsenic may be linked to development disorders in children, heart disease, as well as bladder, lung, liver, sking and kidney cancers - at levels well below the current EPA standard of 10 ppb.

I sell a whole house arsenic removal system that will remove arsenic from water up to 99% of both forms at levels from 5 to 60 ppb. These are the most effective arsenic removal systems available. 

These systems come in 2 different sizes each with various flow rates.  If you'd like more information on this system, email me for specifications and pricing: Whole House Arsenic Removal


whole house arsenic filter

Dual Arsenic Filters 


Please note in the photo there are two whole house arsenic filters. These are installed in series, one after the other. The concept is that the second filter removes any arsenic missed by the first filter.

As the first becomes saturated and begins to decrease in effectiveness you move the second one into the first position and replace the media in what was the first one, placing it in the second position.

Note the hose bib to allow for testing of the leading filter.

If you have health issues with arsenic in drinking water or want to remove it from your home entirely then this is the system you want. 


There are two forms of arsenic in water (arsenic 3 and 5) and several ways to remove arsenic from water.  You really don't have to become an expert to figure out how to remove arsenic from water but you do have to know whether or not the system you're buying removes both kinds of arsenic. Many people cannot afford a whole house arsenic system and choose to treat arsenic with a kitchen system. Most reverse osmosis systems sold at local stores will NOT remove both forms of arsenic.

My Customized Reverse Osmosis systems will remove both forms of arsenic from water.  In order to remove arsenic from water the arsenic must first be oxidized.  I start with a 5 stage RO system and customize it for you so that it does remove both forms of arsenic.  Send information of your custom RO system to remove arsenic in drinking water.


"My arsenic levels were .015 ppb before using Jim's reverse osmosis system and < .002 ppb (below the detection level) after we installed the system."

Timothy Redfern, Nashua, NH


"Jim - After having our well water tested by the State of Maine, we were informed that the water contained high levels of arsenic (37ug/L) which exceeds the highest level that the EPA allows for public consumption.  After installing the "custom reverse osmosis system" purchased from you at Sweetwater, we had the water tested again by the state.  The results came back at .57ug/L--a big drop and well within the limits!"

Thomas Farr, Maine


My Kitchen Defender will reduce but may not entirely remove arsenic.  If you would like pricing and specifications, request information on my kitchen arsenic removal system by emailing me here -Reducing arsenic in drinking water

A new study shows that low levels of arsenic in water may be linked to diabetes:

Arsenic Linked to Diabetes


If you have arsenic in water at levels above 3 ppb, take action now!


Many people have arsenic poisoning and don't even know it. Your family doctor won't recognize the symptoms either. The table below shows the lifetime risks of dying of cancer from arsenic in water, based on the National Academy of Sciences' 1999 risk estimates:  

Arsenic Level in Tap Water
(in parts per billion, or ppb)
Approximate Total Cancer Risk
(assuming 2 liters consumed/day)
0.5 ppb 1 in 10,000
1 ppb 1 in 5,000
3 ppb 1 in 1,667
4 ppb 1 in 1,250
5 ppb 1 in 1,000
10 ppb 1 in 500
20 ppb 1 in 250
25 ppb 1 in 200
50 ppb 1 in 100


What's In YOUR Water?


James P McMahon, ecologist
James P McMahon

I provide the most effective arsenic removal systems

If you're trying to remove arsenic from water, call me today.



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