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Well Water Filtration Systems

Well Water Filters


well water filter, well water filter system

The contaminants in well water come from activities on the land above

There may also be naturally ocurring contaminants in the soil and rock where the water resides


Every well is unique - Sweetwater has extensive experience in designing well water filtration systems

This page describes the well water filtration systems and well water filters I sell


If your water source is private well water the only way to determine what well water purification system ow well water filter you need is by testing the water in the well. The physical characteristics of the water and the contaminants it contains will depend on what takes place on the land that serves as its recharge area. Therefore every well is unique and we learn how to treat it by first performing a well water test.  For information on the well water tests I provide, follow this link to Well Water Testing. If you're not interested in starting with a good water test, there are plenty of other people who will gladly sell you the wrong product.

People often ask me what a well water filtration system will cost without providing me any data to work with. I have no way of knowing that until we perform and review a well water test.

If you've already tested your well water and are looking for a water purification system for your well, a well water filter, or well water filtration to treat a specific problem then email your current test results to me then call during my business hours with your test results in hand. I provide a wide variety of well water treatment systems or a simple well water filter. I can offer custom solutions to most well water purification issues. Don't email me and ask me what I think. I will only look at your test results while on the phone with you and you are also looking at them.


If you have city water, skip this page and go to City Water.


"If your well water issues can be fixed, I can fix them. If they can't be fixed, I'll give you an honest assessment." 

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Well Water Filtration Systems:

For those clients who have a specific well water filtration or well water purification issue they wish to solve, I provide a full line of high quality well water filtration systems to remove iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide odors, arsenic, nitrates, herbicides and more.  I also have well water treatment equipment to neutralize acid water by raising pH, Ultra Violet light for bacterial contamination, well water filtration systems to remove arsenic, mercury, nitrates, and fluoride or other contaminants. I also sell well water filters, sediment filters, reverse osmosis systems, and water softeners.  View the whole house reverse osmosis system I sell when conditions warrant its use. I am reluctant to sell you a whole house RO because they can be complicated to maintain. So don't be surprised if I discourage you. However, whole house reverse osmosis is the one water purification system that can solve some issues that can't be resolved any other way.

You may email me for specifications on one of these pieces of equipment here: send me details on a well water treatment system. Be sure to tell me which well water purification system you are interested in or what water issue you are trying to resolve when you email. If you don't tell me, I won't know what to send you.

It's best to email your existing water test if you have one and then call me if you're serious... if you don't have a well water test call me and we'll get you one.

Below are some well water filtration systems I've put together. For well water purification systems see my whole house reverse osmosis page.

 I'll send the equipment information but it is best to call meI

Well Water Filtration Systems

Well water filtration for coliform and iron bacteria, hydrogen sulfide odors, high manganese and extreme hardess

If you live near farming ... then I suggest you invest in my Urban Defender whole house water filter. It is a carbon system that will remove pesticides from your water. Although the farming community seems intent on ignoring the dangers, bathing in water with pesticides will kill you in any number of ways. Parkinson's disease and cancer are just two of many health issues caused by bathing in pesticides.

 Well Water Purification Systems

This system uses chlorination to treat for E coli bacteria contamination

The well water filter systems I provide all use natural methods to remove contaminants.  Call me for product details, specifications, and cost.  In order to help you with these products we must be able to discuss the details of your well water test.  If you have a well water problem that can be solved, I have access to the equipment to do so.  If you have a special well water treatment ow well water filter problem, call me to discuss your needs.  I also have extensive technical support backing me up so we can be sure to provide you with the well water treatment system or well water filter that will meet your needs.

 Well Water Treatment Systems

Well water filtration system to remove nitrates and pesticides from a well near farm land. Also raises the pH from acidic to alkaline

I cannot send you pricing or discuss your needs until we've reviewed your well water test results together.  I'm sorry, but it's impossible.  Anyone who suggests otherwise or is willing to sell you equipment without a test is taking your money.  I offer a complete line of well water testing options.  While you may have one obvious issue you wish to resolve there may be other issues that can only be revealed by testing that complicate or limit your well water purification or well water filtration options. 

"Jim takes his stewardship of this earth to heart and sells great equipment,

provides fantastic service and ‘walks the talk’ in his field.

Lovin’ the UV Light to purify our well water for LIVING WELL!"

Lisa from Maine

To find out how I might be able to help you, send me an email and describe your water problem as completely as possible: Describe Your Well Water Problem  Then give me a call.  I'll let you know what well water purification equipment I sell that can solve your problem or what I suggest for the next step if you don't have enough information.  If you don't have well water test results expect me to recommend that.  If you have well water, I always start with a water test - see well water testing.  I don't make recommendations by email.

well water treatment system - concept drawing

This is a design (right to left) to remove sediment, raise pH, kill bacteria with chlorine, remove chlorine, remove fluoride


If you work with me, you will end up with the correct well water treatment system or well water filter.


"Jim, I just wanted to send my thanks for your assistance recently.  After a certified (master) plumber installed the water filtration and softener system you prescribed, it did not seem to be working.   It turns out that the installation was not done correctly.

In an era where most people pass the buck and claim that the problem isn’t theirs to fix, your willingness to work through the issues is outright exemplary.  Again, the installation of the product that I purchased from you was the culprit, not the product itself.  Please feel free to post this message to all prospective clients.  If anyone has concern about the after-sale assistance they will get from Sweet Water, they need not concern themselves.

I run a sales division for a large company and appreciate great customer service.  You are one in a million!

Thanks again for your relentless pursuit to ‘get it right’ regardless of the person / company responsible.

To all perspective clients – don’t trust anyone else.  Jim McMahon defines your need and provides you with exactly what is required – nothing more.  It’s refreshing to see someone take an honest interest in your water problem rather than attempt sell you what they have (even if it isn’t what you need).

Thanks again",

Dan Billie; Washington, PA



Custom Systems

Many well water filter systems end up being custom assembled, depending entirely on the set of contaminants in the water.  Systems range from single pieces of equipment to complex.  My pledge to you: I will tell you what you need to solve your water problems and provide healthy water.  I will not propose more than you need and I will propose the least expensive solution I know of.  The following quote is from a fellow with iron, tannins, and hard water.  It was a very complex installation:


chlorinator, backwashing sand filter, removing iron, removing tannins from well water, well water purifiation, well water filtration

Complex well filtration system including chlorinator, retention tanks, backwashing sand filter and carbon filter. 

Not all well systems are this complex.  In this case we had to remove both iron and tannins.  Water moves from right to left in photo.


"I now have what can only be described as clean water. It is crystal clear, the pH is 7.4, and there are no traces of chlorine after the carbon filter. The chlorine levels before the carbon filter are a hair low for the buffer (about .6 ppm) but I am fine tuning it slowly now and monitoring it daily. I just drank my first glass of it, and it was clean and neutral tasting. I am running my first load of laundry since moving in over 5 months ago. Thanks for your excellent pre- and post-sales support. I feel that doing this project has given me the confidence to maintain the system moving forward, and the confidence that I have a reliable place to turn in the event that I need support in the future."  

Rob Keller; Dover, NH  

Well Water Filtration System


Well Water Testing

If you have a well and don't know exactly what's wrong with your water the place to start is with a well water test.  I collaborate with National Testing Laboratories to provide you with a full range of well water tests.  You may view the water tests I sell here: Well Water Tests

"It was a pleasure talking with you concerning water testing.  You are very knowledgeable in your field and we had some interesting conversations.  Before we spoke, I was under the impression I needed some type of water purification system for my well.  After speaking with you, I decided to first test the well to determine if I had any concerns.  The money was well spent on the water test.  The test revealed I had very good water with no contaminants.  You actually save me money.  Thanks for your help."

Gene Pategas; Andover, Vermont


One note on water testing - these tests are a picture in time of the water in your well.  The quality of the water can change with rain or drought or activities in your watershed/neighborhood. 


"Who would have known a well that tested negative for Arsenic less than 18 months ago could now test positive.  This definitely confirms that wells can change over time.  Historically our well has been heavy with Iron and Manganese, but the PH was within acceptable levels and we did not have any measurable amount of Arsenic.  Now, I am seeing that our PH is low and that we have Arsenic levels just above the EPA limit of 10 ppb.  I am anxiously awaiting my system so I can drink my water again.  Thanks in advance and I look forward to working with you going forward."

Timothy Redfern; Nashua, NH



I don't charge to talk about the equipment I sell.  I do charge if you want to use me to provide a second opinion (like going to a second doctor before surgery).  I provide a consultation up to 60 minutes by phone for $150.  You may find this extremely useful either when you have received your water test report or when you are reviewing equipment proposals.  You may ask me questions about your well water and if I can help you or direct you to an answer I will.  Use this service to ask me about your well water test results or to check with a neutral party before buying equipment. 

If you purchase your whole house equipment from me I will deduct this fee from your purchase price.  On the other hand, if I can put you into a less expensive system, I will.  I give you the options.  The choice is always yours.  You may purchase a consultation here:

Water Consultation

Purchase the consultation and then call or email me to set up an appointment.

I am also available to solve your well water purification or well water filtration issues or put systems together for you on a consulting basis if that is appropriate.  This might be appropriate in the case of problematic water supplies or commercial applications.  I've also consulted on residential applications in foreign countries.  My fee is $150 per hour.  Call if you'd like to discuss this.  I provide third party advice and can save you a tremendous amount of money.

"I think you have a wonderful program going on.  What I liked most about your website was that you were an ecologist first and foremost - and I figured that I would have a great chance of getting a system that used no chemicals if I had an ecologist working with me!  I also, of course, loved that I dealt directly with you as the owner - a vested interest - instead of some employee that doesn't care about what they are selling.

I had run into so many "water treatment sellers" in my research over the years and they had no interest in really understanding my situation and taking the time to understand that I didn't want to add to the mix of my situation with more chemicals to fix my chemicals!

As far as the emails in your Five Steps to Pure Water go, I would say that I already was an "informed consumer" and so for me, the emails were things that I already knew. For someone just getting into this, I think they are great. Thanks again"

Sarah Wengernuk; Severn, MC


Installation and Service

I work with clients across the country.  I represent a variety of manufacturers and assemble custom well water purification systems when necessary.  We'll look at your water test report and determine what you need.  I won't sell you the wrong equipment because that's all I have.  A licensed plumber can install the equipment I sell.  I recommend that you work consistently with one plumber and use that person for all your water system needs.  If there is ever a problem with a system that I sell you, then I'll work with that plumber and you to resolve it, taking advantage of the company warranties.  This is precisely the same approach that you would use to deal with a water heater or any other water feature or fixture in your home.

I provide phone support during installation.  I will make myself available to assist you and your plumber and I am most certainly interested and available to aid you should any equipment problems develop in the future.  The equipment I sell is intentionally straightforward and not inclined toward operational failure.

Perhaps the number one reason people choose to do business with me is because of my approach.  I sell excellent well water filtration or well water purification equipment to people who want healthy water for their family.  Sometimes people still feel that dealing with someone locally can provide them with better product support.  It has been my experience that your local provider will often sell you the wrong product for your needs and service will be by someone who knows nothing about the unit you bought.  To think that a local provider is a better choice is truly an illusion.  It might have been true at some time in the past, but not anymore.  If you find a local person who can provide an equal product and service, use him.

“I am 100% satisfied with your service.  A local person would not have done as much.  I have to admit that I was concerned, ordering from a person online, giving you my credit card, that the product would show up at all.  When it did I could see that the construction of the product is good.  The aluminum housing is strong and durable, the UV cylinder is stainless steel, the plastic is schedule 80…this unit will last for a long time.  I’m pleased all the way around”

Joe Provenzano, Chalmette, LA



All sales are by phone.  I maintain personal contact with every customer.  That way I can be certain that you are ordering the correct product.  If you want to buy something online, you've come to the wrong place.

 "Jim McMahon IS who he says he IS and he DOES what he says he will DO.  Even my skeptical, bib-overalled husband is a believer now.  I'm a satisfied customer"

Sherron, and yes, Ronnie Cunningham
Symsonia, Kentucky
(see Sherron's entire comment here: Cunningham)


Satisfied Customers 

See what my customers have to say here: Product Reviews

well water filtration, well water test, well water purification, well water testing
Schierbeek Well Water Treatment System - Mike called recently and said his system has been working great for 16 years

"Relying on local government water testing and assuming your well water only needs softening is a big mistake.  Jim gave us clear and straightforward advice on testing and analyzing the results to design our water treatment system for our situation.  While other providers offered all in one filtration systems that propose to solve all your problems, Jim and targeted the problem areas in our water and designed a system to give us the biggest bang for the buck. His professional approach and cost conscious attitude got us the exactly what we needed for our situation."

Mike Schierbeek; Moncure, NC



Still confused about how to start.  Email me and ask: Question

"Dear James, I am a holistic physician who owns a retreat center.  For my opening retreat, my new well made my beautiful new center smell like rotten eggs!  When I called you I was pleased to know that by pouring hydrogen peroxide from my local pool supply store I could solve my problem.  You saved my center! And it was so simple!  I am looking forward to the results of the water testing so I may remove anything else in there that is not compatible with health.  Clean air and pure water are two basics for a healthy body, mind and home.  Thank you for making mine healthy. Sincerely,"

Linda Hostalek, D.O. Holistic Healing Arts, LLC  



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