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Low pH Water is Corrected with an Acid Neutralizer


Low pH or acidic water is common in some locales. It can be due to pine trees in the vicinity or acid rain or acid soil types.


low pH water corrected with an acid neutralizer

Sweetwater's Backwashing Acid Neutralizer

The acid neutralizers I sell use either a calcite media or a combination of calcite and magnesium oxide for very low pH water. These are whole house systems. As the water flows through the system it slowly dissolves the media which raises the pH. Check out the causes of high pH. These are often used in cases where acid water is dissolving copper piping or the insides of various fixtures. The problem is easily resolved. Note the fill line on the photo above. This line is marked by the plumber at installation. Then as the media level drops you add enough to bring it back to this level. The system will work until all media is gone. And sometimes customers neglect to pay attention to maintenance.


Sweetwaters upfolw acid neutralizer 3 cu ft

Sweetwater's Upflow Acid Neutralizer


You'll notice that there are two versions of the acid neutralizer. One is a backwashing system. The advantage of this is that it can achieve higher flow rates for homes with large families and multiple bathrooms. The downside, which isn't substantial, is that it requires a backwash to fluff the media. This is because it is a downflow system and the media needs to be kept from getting too compacting.

With the upflow system the water flows up through the media. No backwash is required. However flow rates are restricted in order to prevent media from entering the household plumbing.


Backwash Acid Neutralizer:

2.5 cubic foot (13 x 62); flow rate 15 gpm: $1695.

Upflow Acid Neutralizers:

1.5 cubic foot (12 x 60); flow rate of 6 gpm: $990.

2.5 cubic foot (13 x 62); flow rate 10 gpm: $1425.

(Replacement calcite media = $125/ cu ft.)

1.5 cubic foot for low pH: $1185.

(uses calcite and magnesium oxide)

(Replacement calcite media = $125/ cu ft.)

Prices are due to unforeseeable increases due to Covid backlogs


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