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Water Revitalizer

Experience Natural Vortex Water
in Your Home


For those individuals looking to go beyond purification and who are open to the possibility that water conveys energy, I carry the Original Water Revitalizer.  Installed after my whole house water filtration  systems - the tandem brings you truly remarkable water. 

Principles Of the Original Water Revitalizer

The theory behind the principles of the water revitalizer originate with a fellow by the name of Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian whose work was published in 1932 and 1933.  His work can be reviewed in "The Water Wizard: The Extraordinary Properties of Natural Water".  As I understand his point, Schauberger claims that water in a natural state, as in a stream flowing down a hill, contains a natural vortex energy, due in no small part to the way that it flows in its natural environment.  All of you have seen water flow in a stream and I'm sure you've seen the way water shimmers as it flows. 

This photo illustrates water swirling around a rock with an energy vortex in a mountain river:

vortex energy in water, vortex energy, natural energy of water

This theory that water contains a natural energy vortex, a 'living water', makes sense to me. It also makes sense that water in a stream or spring is, in its original unpolluted form, healthy 'living' water that we as inhabitants of that environment originally adapted to.  As we collect and pipe water, treat it, and move it around we remove this natural energy from water as we put it in pipes, confining it and depriving it of its ability to move or flow.  Recall the scene from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid where the mine operator asked the Kid to shoot without letting him draw his gun as he was accustomed to. He couldn't do it. Schauberger is saying that we've modified the natural health of our water by the way we convey it and because of this it does not function naturally when we use it: we've deprived it of it's natural energy and modified its molecular structure.

As a scientist, I can't say whether Schauberger's theories are correct or not.  As an ecologist and naturalist, I can appreciate the notion that water in the natural environment carries an energy vortex that is subsequently lost when that water is conveyed through pipes and no longer allowed to flow naturally. I also understand that this is a difficult concept to convey or prove. Here is some brief information on the theoretical science behind the concept.

vortex energy in water, vortex energy, natural energy of water

It is my opinion that we are only beginning to understand the natural properties of water and that healthy water is a complex issue. 

The Original Water Revitalizer, by using the power of vortex energy fields via "flow form dynamics", is said to transform your water by restoring this original energy.  The manufacturer claims that the vortex energy is created by a double spiral flow form within the pipe that restores this natural energy in your water.  Another claim is a significant increase in the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water.  The Water Revitalizer is constructed based upon the principals described and illustrated by Schauberger.

According to the manufacturer, normal tap water, in most cases, shows low frequencies because it has been damaged.  I do know that some natural mineral waters resonate at a high frequency and that these vary from different sources.  Even high quality water at the source loses its natural energy and molecular crystalline structure as it is conveyed through pipes from its source to your home.   I also know that revitalized water demonstrates this higher frequency.

The idea of water containing energy or being made up of a particular crystalline shaped molecular water crystals, healthy water, living water structure is one that is familiar to us all.  We've all witnessed the crystalline structure of snowflakes.  It has also been shown that healthy water is molecularly distinct from polluted water. 

The water revitalizer is said to restore the natural energy of water by running it through a double spiral process that imparts a vortex flow form, or twist.  It really is quite fascinating.  What I am noticing so far is that deposition or scale formation from water hardness is decreased substantially and my plants seem to be thriving. 

Through the revitalizing process using the OWR, your water's frequency is said to be raised to a level which is natural for water. This process is said to be experienced as being very different and the water is experienced as being extremely light when swallowed. 

This is the 3/4 inch whole house Original Water Revitalizer in copper:

revitalized water, vortex energy, vortex energy in water, living water

In the above photo part of the pipe is removed to show you a portion of the inside of the OWR. When you order the OWR it will of course be intact; but you will still be able to see the insert in each end of the pipe. The Whole House OWR comes in 3/4 and 1 inch copper.  Larger sizes are also available for commercial use.  Here's a look at the undersink kitchen model:

revitalized water, kitchen water revitalizer
Kitchen OWR with Fittings

You can add the kitchen model to my Kitchen Defender series to produce a very nice water.

I must say that I am intrigued by this concept of restoring water's natural frequencies.  For that reason I am offering the OWR as an add on to install after my whole house purification system, thus first cleansing your water and then 'energizing' it with the OWR.  I've had some customers tell me that my endorsement sounds tepid or luke warm at best.  On the contrary, I like and recommend this product.  But I'm not going to tell you that it performs in ways that I can't verify.

I have installed the OWR in my home (installed 1-4-05).  What I noticed immediately is that the water coming from my faucets and shower swirls, it flows just as it does in the revitalizer itself.  And if I look closely I can see a shimmer to it, almost a dance, as in a reflection of light that was not there before.  I'm also noticing a definite decrease in hard water deposition.  My customers who have the Revitalizer always notice bubbles when they fill a glass which then immediately dissipate.

Whether or not the OWR makes your water more healthy, or more available to your cells, or does anything else, I do not know.  The following are Kirlian photographs of the same water source, before and after being revitalized by the OWR.

Both of these waters are from the same source!

Regular Tap Water, with a fractured and incomplete energy field


Revitalized Tap Water, demonstrating the natural energy of water due to the vortex energy in water imparted by the swirling motion of the water revitalizer


Revitalized tap water







Regular tap water

Interesting.  It looks energetic, doesn't it?  


My experience of this device in my own home is very positive.  My curiosity is piqued.  I'm intrigued and look forward to experiencing this water over time. 


For those who are seeking a holistic approach to healthy water, I recommend installation of the revitalizer in conjunction with and immediately after my whole house or kitchen purification systems.  The two in tandem will purify and energize your water.  That's what I'm drinking.  The result is awesome and delightful! 

If you doubt me, stop by and I'll let you taste it and take a shower! 

The Water Revitalizer comes in a variety of sizes. 
Call for details and pricing. 

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