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This library is intended to aid you in making informed decisions about the water in your home.


Sweetwater's water purification library
- a protozoan that exists in surface water

One scientist estimates that as many as 25% of the U.S. population is infected with cryptosporidium.


"If we do not change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed."

~Chinese Proverb


We've polluted our rivers and streams which are also the source of our drinking water. These articles will prove it to you, providing solid scientific evidence. Please protect yourself.

Prescription Drugs in your water supply - CBS News Video

What to Do About Drugs in Your Drinking Water

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You'll find the following topics on this page:

Papers - papers by different authors about how various contaminants in drinking water affect health.

In the News - news items pertaining to water contamination

Press Releases - press releases issued by me about water purification

Resources - links to resource pages

Healthy Living Products - products for a healthy lifestyle

Information Products - opportunities to learn more

Ask a Question - ask me a question.  I'll answer you and also post the answer on my blog, or post it yourself:   Sweetwater's Water Purification Blog.   You may email me here: I have a question


A short video on the problems of our water today:

Is Your Water Safe To Drink?


Papers About the Dangers of Tap Water

Papers about the health effects of various contaminants as well as effective means to remove  them using a home water purification system.


The Negative Health Effects of Chlorinated Water

Pex or Copper Pipes in your house - an article by Green Builder

How to Make Your Tap Water Healthy - January 2, 2011

Pesticides and Lymphoma: Pesticides Cause Cancer

How to Remove Pesticides from Drinking Water - published by me July 2010

Cocaine, Spices, Hormones Found in Drinking Water - November National Geographic article

Triclosan - the dangers of a common anti bacterial agent found in soap

Chlorine Creates Toxic By-Products - a study released by the U of Illinois on March 31, 2009

The Dangers of the Alkaline Water Ionizer Fad 

Which Bottled Water Is the Best? - a comparison of the physical characteristics of bottled water

Comparison of Mineral Content in Bottled and Tap Water - Society of General Internal Medicine

In Defense of Bottled Water - why are environmentalists in such a tizzy over bottled water?

Pure Water: There's No Such Thing As Pure Water

Low Levels of Arsenic Linked to Diabetes - August 2008

The Health Effects of Chlorine - a paper on the various health effects of chlorinated water **

Chlorine is unhealthy: Chlorine Article by NTL

Trihalomethanes (a byproduct of chlorinating water) Induce ColoRectal Cancers - Trihalomethane Study

Chloramines Are More Toxic Than Chlorine: Chloramine Study

How Much Is Too Much Poison In Your Water?: Poison In Your Water

Questions to ask before you drill a new well: Does Your Well Driller Practice Safe Sex?

A paper that illustrates how mercury in water is increasing: Mercury is Spreading

EPA's mercury warnings for various fish species: US FDA - Mercury Levels in Commercial Fish and Shellfish

A paper on the effectiveness of various methods to remove arsenic: Arsenic Removal

An article discussing the relationship between alum or Aluminum in water and Alzheimer's Disease

Is hard water good for your heart?  Is Hard Water Good for You?

Are kidney stones due to drinking water or diet: Kidney Stones and Drinking Water

Minerals in Water - A short description of Common minerals in drinking water and how they affect your health

The Structure of Water - A Stanford University Study which shows the molecular structure of water. This provides indirect evidence for the idea of revitalized water.

There are Cosmetics In Your Water - reprinted from Natural Life Magazine with citations

Deepak Chopra on Aging - reversing or slowing the aging process

Tal Ben-Shahar on Happiness - take these six simple steps to being happy

In the News - Articles About Drinking Water Contamination

Amoebas in drinking water a double threat - January 31, 2011

US says too much fluoride causing splotchy teeth - January 7, 2011 fluoride levels reduced

Sweetwater's Comments About What You Can Do About Hexavalent Chromium In Your Water

Environmental Working Group Map of Cities with Hexavalent Chromium

Study Links Fluoride to Pre-term Birth and Anemia in Pregnancy  ** Sept 2, 2010

Colorado Oil and Gas Drilling Causing Water to Burst Into Flames

Male Fish in the Potomac River Carry Eggs Due to Chemicals

Male Bass in the Susquehanna River Carry Eggs

Your Daily Shower May Deliver a Faceful of Bacteria

People Who Drink Water Have Healthier Diets

Airborne Contaminants Raining Down Across the West

The Chemicals Within - Newsweek**

Lead Linked to Premature Aging **

Heat Causes Chemical to Leach from Plastic**

Hydrogen Sulfide Gets a New Look From EPA**

Medical Myths - 7 Medical Myths Even Doctors Believe **

People are reacting to chloramines in their water

Tap Water Linked to Bladder Cancer in Men **

Pesticides Found in Rivers and Streams Throughout the U.S.

Pesticide Use Linked to Childhood Leukemia

Pesticide Use Linked to Male Infertility

Public Data Shows Chemicals in Tap Water

Mercury Blows Across the West from Nevada Gold Mines

Pharmaceuticals in our drinking water

Traces of Cocaine in the River Thames

Even Low Levels of Common Contaminants are Dangerous to Your Health **

Ten Common Toxins to Avoid **

Pesticide 'Soup' Linked to Amphibian Deaths

Cancerous Growths in Catfish in Maryland Rivers

Report Sparks Fears Over Lead in U.S. Drinking Water

Bottled Water: Nectar of the Frauds

Contaminants in Bottled Water - from the plastic bottle

Development May Spread Old Pesticides

Pharmaceuticals in Rivers Raise Concern

Prozac in Drinking Water

Evidence Suggests That Low Levels of Toxins (as allowed by EPA) Remain Dangerous to Human Health **

Swimming in Chlorinated Pools May Increase Risk of Hay Fever

Chlorine in Pools Tied to Lung Problems **

Perchlorate Found in 97% of Breast Milk Samples **

High Mountain lake in Rocky Mountain National Park contains high levels of mercury

Wastewater Treatment Plant in Boulder, CO Changes Downstream Male Fish into Females

Most Tap Water Is Polluted by Municipal Infrastructure **

The Effect of Fluoride on Horses - a You Tube video

Housework Linked to Asthma


Which Water Filter is the best? - article

Jim's You Tube Channel - video

There's No Such Thing As 'Dead' Water - Is Reverse Osmosis Water Dead?


Quote Of Interest

University of Illinois: "What we soon realized," says Sayers, "is that your colon is like a singles bar.  Bacteria are passing around DNA like there's no tomorrow."

Caffeine was found in more than 160 of 216 samples in water as deep as 640 feet.

"It was everywhere," Schuman said. "There's an effect (from) humans on the sound and it's almost ubiquitous. It's not just at the end of the (discharge) pipe."  Read More Here: Vanilla in Your Water

We need to change our ways and stop treating the Great Lakes like a toilet,"  the report concludes.  Sierra Legal Defense Fund  Read more here: Sewage Threatening the Great Lakes

Regarding the recent disclosure that male bass in the Potomac River carry eggs:
"If scientists have not yet determined what pollutant is causing a reproductive health problem in fish in the Potomac, how can anyone say it is not in our drinking water?" he asked.
Read more here: EPA chided over 'intersex' fish concerns

Fluoride: "Though the review found that adding fluoride to drinking water helps fight cavities, University of York research fellow Paul Wilson called the overall quality of studies his group analyzed "really poor." Many were biased or used outdated scientific methods, he says, so it's impossible to say whether fluoride is safe or a threat. "There is currently a lack of reliable evidence to make a definitive judgment either way," he says."


An interesting development related to that last quote:

WASHINGTON, Aug. 3 — The Environmental Protection Agency said on Thursday that it was recommending new restrictions on thousands of uses of pesticides because of their adverse effects on public health.  Read more here: EPA Restricts Pesticide Uses





Did you know that at 1 part per billion the approved and commonly applied pesticide Atrazine can cause frogs to grow both male and female sex organs?  **

Does that sound like something you want in your water?


Associated Press (March): But simply detecting the presence of a pesticide does not always mean there is reason for concern, said Jay Vroom, president of CropLife America, which represents pesticide developers and manufacturers. He emphasized that the use of pesticides by farmers, ranchers and others is strictly regulated by federal and state laws. 

See the remainder of this story here: Pesticides Found in Rivers and Streams Throughout the U.S.


Consumer Reports (February 2006): "A growing body of research shows that pesticides and other contaminants are more prevalent in the foods we eat, in our bodies, and in the environment than we thought..." 


Note: There's no doubt at all that Consumer Reports is an excellent source of research information pertaining to cost.  I have found their research to be superficial in those cases where my expertise lies and so have to conclude that their advice is often faulty.  In the case of this article, they provide some serious warnings about some foods, suggesting organic alternatives.  I agree.  Their comments about government definitions are good and a serious issue confronting legitimate organic producers today.  But their suggestions about what to purchase I find questionable.  It all comes down to your supplier and who you trust.  For instance, Consumer Reports leaves the impression that 'free range' poultry products may be a scam.  I buy and use free range poultry all the time from a supplier I rely  on. As usual the larger companies are taking advantage of weak definitions to sell weak product under the guise of misleading words.  There are good suppliers providing excellent organic product using the definitions as they were intended.  The key: know who you're buying from and whether you trust them or not.


Resources - links to resource pages

National Pesticide Database - a comprehensive listing by the USDA of pesticide use by state and crop type

Organic Consumers Association - an organization actively working to promote and protect organic standards

Typical Family Water Use Statistics - by the American Waterworks Association


Healthy Living -links to healthy products that may help you.

Natural Cleaning Methods for Your Home - Free tips and products you can use

Non-chlorinated swimming pools - a link for those of you who are interested in swimming without chlorine.  This company has asked if I'd be interested in selling their product.  You can convert an existing chlorine based system to this ionization technology for only $795.  If you're interested in buying, give me a call.


Information Products

Five Steps to Pure Water - my free email series that will teach you how to achieve healthy water in your home. 

My Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Appropriate Water Treatment SystemYou may purchase my guide for $14.95.  My Ultimate Guide will show you how to identify the contaminants in your water  and treat them appropriately - Purchase My Ultimate Guide

Reading and Understanding Your Water Quality Report - Look at an actual water quality report and listen to a live recording of me discussing with a client the contaminants listed and how to treat them...  Understanding Your City's Water Quality Report


 Check back often.  This page is updated regularly.

"What's in Your Water?"

Sweetwater's Resource Library provides substantial research on water purification and water treatment
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