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"The best tasting water I've ever had.  It's way better than any bottled water.
Jim has provided impeccable service.  His genuine interest in the quality and taste of our water is reassuring.  Additionally, Jim has continued to follow through to check on our service needs and has responded quickly to all of our requests.  My wife and I give him our very highest recommendation."

-Dan Walden; Corona, CA

“Dear Jim, you make me realize in a special way how our happiness depends on direct human relationships, with nothing standing in the way between full and honest communication of what knowledge each of us has.  Bless your enterprise.”

-Russell DuPree, Freeport, Maine

"My Urban Defender has changed my life.  I love it!  I used to worry about drinking and cooking with our tap water.  I knew family members were drinking from taps throughout the house. The incoming water quality was inconsistent, sometimes brown, and there was always the threat of plumes of chemical contamination from the Mass Military Reservation. After a couple of years of shopping for the right whole house water filtration system, I found Sweetwater online. Jim reviewed our situation and recommended the right combination of technologies for our water. I now feel comfortable drinking from any tap in the house. Thank you, Jim!"


-Aileen Gee; Falmouth, MA

"Because I have chemical sensitivities, allergies, and other health challenges, I need the purest water. You and I discussed my particular requirements and sensitivities and arrived at a customized set of components for whole house filtration, showering, and drinking. I intentionally waited a year after the installation to have the water analyzed by a national lab to see if the filtration components were each still doing a good job, even at the point in time when replacement filters were due. The various tests came back with results that were near perfect: in all cases contaminants and bacteria were below the national standard, and no contaminants and bacteria could be detected at all for the drinking water. This is the only filtration after many years and several systems that allows me to tolerate the water and have peace of mind about it. Thanks for your help and caring."

-Diane; Asheville, NC

"What an amazing difference! We used to have a chlorine smell every time we opened the tap, now we have amazingly clean, odor free water. We purchased the Urban Defender whole house water filter with the additional fluoride filter, as well as the custom RO kitchen system. The end result was that our water not only tastes fantastic but also feels great too!

Jim is awesome at what he does and he gives you personal attention through the entire process. He looked at our water reports. He helped design the perfect system. He helped us when the shipping went awry. He talked to the plumber when the installation took place. He overnighted us a part that was missing. Jim is a really great guy, and he really stands behind his product!
For anyone looking for a water filtration system, I can’t recommend enough Jim or his Sweetwater systems. You will definitely be thrilled with the end result."


-Nicholas Saparoff; Franklin, MA


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